Value Added Products

Value added products

Car care voucher

Not only do we come to you, but you can also claim monthly. We cover stone chips, paintless dent removal, scratches, windscreen cracks and chips, odour eliminator, tar removal, headlight renewal, interior treatment, air conditioning treatment, after service care, and after working on your vehicle we do a full clean (this works out cheaper than the cash wash).

Tracking device

From your family to your business, we want to help you take care of the things that matter the most. Because of this, we've designed our services to be more than just theft protection so that you can rest assured knowing that you're living life in a safer, smarter and more cost-effective way.

Smash and grab

Crime is an unfortunate reality and requires you to take measures to safeguard yourself and your loved ones. Added protection against break-in means greater security for your valuables. Helps protect against shards of broken glass in the event of an accident.

Air Blue Film

Sunblock for your dash, the sun's visible and infrared (IR) rays can cause the temperature inside your car to become unbearably hot, but more importantly, harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays can also cause irreversible damage to your vehicle’s interior and human skin. Air Blue film protects against harmful UV rays that penetrate ordinary windscreen glass including factory installed.

Tyron bands

Irrespective of the cause of failure, you can still maintain complete control of your vehicle. Prevents the tyre from leaving or damaging the rim when there’s sudden air loss like a puncture or blowout. The rim grips the tyre, which allows for continued steering, braking and cornering with the tyre rubber between the rim and the surface of the road. You can drive to safety at a reasonable speed, where you can change your tyre without stopping somewhere dangerous.

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